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How the service works

Today’s New Ideas engages your audience

Today's New Ideas shows your website visitors new inventive ideas daily by people from around the world, stimulating your visitors to vote and provide feedback.

Fun way to participate in a social collaboration service

The ideas are shown in a fun format. Many are breathtakingly brilliant. Your visitors become part of a global community whose feedback highlights ideas with potential. Entrepreneurial visitors can find ideas to commercialize, growing their business and creating jobs for people.

Service sponsored by ads we supply

The Today's New Ideas unit attracts your audience’s attention to ads shown with it. You have the option to place ads by your advertisers in the unit. When no ads are placed, we show product ads.

You gain several benefits

You build your

  • A wide variety of inventive ideas are shown, retaining visitors’ interest.
  • Engaging with Today's New Ideas provides a positive user experience to your visitors, resulting in the formation of a community that spends more time on your website.
  • You select the spots on your web pages where you want to show the Today’s New Ideas unit.

You gain new visitors
through discovery

  • Each comment on an idea shows the name of the site from where a visitor accessed a Today’s New Ideas unit to make the comment with a link to that site’s homepage.
  • Your site information linked to your visitors’ comments helps readers who are not aware of your site to discover you.

You earn more ad

  • The Today’s New Ideas unit attracts attention to the ads shown with it.
  • You have the option to place display ads by your advertisers in the unit. If no ads are placed, we show product ads supplied by our partners PriceCheck, ensuring a 100% fill rate.
  • You earn 80% of our revenue from clicks on product ads we show in the unit and on the pages accessed from the unit, and we earn 5% of your revenue from display ads you place in the unit.

Whether you are a niche blog or global publication Today's New Ideas adds value to your website

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