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Today's New Ideas engages your visitors, stimulating them to comment on the potential of the new product ideas featured. A wide variety of different ideas are shown, retaining visitors’ interest. Visitors come back daily to your site to see more new ideas due to a positive user experience.
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Visitors see all comments made on the new ideas. Each comment shows the name of the site from where a visitor accessed a Today's New Ideas unit to make the comment, with a link to that site's homepage. Your site information linked to your visitors' comments helps readers who are not aware of your site to discover you.
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Today's New Ideas attracts attention to the ads. Product ads are shown as it is native in style and contextual to Today's New Ideas. You earn 80% of our revenue from clicks on ads shown in the unit and on the pages accessed from the unit. Product ads that relate to the product ideas are shown. The ads are supplied by our partners PriceCheck, ensuring a 100% fill rate. The unit measures 300 x 420 pixels and can be shown on all pages. Online reports show you your ad earnings.
Today's New Ideas is universal. It is an ad unit that engages your visitors, whether you are a small niche blog or a large global news publication